declare may 14th as your hometown’s day of decency!

Join the countrywide celebration of Decency on National Decency Day!

Over 20,000 media outlets will be reached, spreading the word far and wide.

Download the proclamation template and bring it to your local government in advance of May 14th the celebration.

Your community will be recognized as a key participant in the Decency movement along with towns and cities across the United States.

Be sure to let us know that your hometown will be participating so that your community can take full advantage of the May 14th celebration!

more ways to make this happen….

Inspire Decency in your neighborhood today.  We are working with schools, community groups, and local organizations to help bring Decency back to our dialogue and actions. Fill in the form below to get started.

You can also sponsor your favorite group - be it a youth program, hospital, business, scout troop, or local charity - by supporting their efforts with a contribution of buttons and pins.  Click here to make that happen.



Shelter Island School   Shelter Island UFSD

Shelter Island School Shelter Island UFSD

Suncoast Elementary School

Suncoast Elementary School


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